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strategie di digital marketing per l'internazionalizzazione

in Europe, America, Far East and Middle East


Simply translating your website into the language or posting a few posts on social media is not enough to make your business grow in international markets. 

Instead, you have to study the right strategy for the target country, figure out which are the best performing digital channels, analyze local habits and customs, the right tone of voice, and strategies that will be most profitable... 

That is why in Mallei we hire experts in the field and divide our service between marketing strategies for Western countries that make use of Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc., and strategies for no-Google countries, such as China and Korea, which have their very own digital systems and audience characteristics.

digital marketing per esportare in europa e America

Digital Export to Europe and America

digital marketing per esportare in cina

Digital Export

to China

Strategie di marketing digitale per la Corea

Digital Export to Korea

come esportare in giappone con il marketing digitale

Digital Export to Japan

come entrare nel mercato dei paesi del golfo

Digital Export to the Gulf Countries



Simply translating a post into English is not enough to have a good marketing strategy for internationalization.

Thus, our digital marketing strategy for the European and American markets is totally oriented toward increasing sales and includes:
  • Analysis of market trends and competitors
  • Individuation of target audience
  • Research of the best performing channels relevant to your industry and goals
  • Brand reputation development
  • Initial contact with your prospects through digital tools
  • Constant monitoring

Website Development

Website development with an export perspective, with special attention on copywriting, made bearing in mind the target country's customs, traditions and habits

Search Engine Optimization

We boost your brand's visibility in the target country by positioning your website among the top Google results. We study the keywords used by your niche market in the target foreign country.

Discover the size of your target market, locate your potential buyers and structure an effective international marketing plan.


There are countries like China and Korea that do not use Google as their search engine or Facebook and Instagram as their main social networks.


When they wish to search online or interact with their friends, they use social and search engines that are often ignored by western companies, which thus miss out on valuable opportunities to engage and influence such a large population in the purchasing processes of their products.



With its population of nearly one billion people, China certainly represents a great opportunity for any company.

But when deciding to export to China, one must keep well in mind the cultural distance between the two countries and must rely on experts in the field who can guide in making the right choices.

Creation of an editorial plan for the Chinese market

We draft content editorial plans in line with local culture and taste, respectful of the differences, and able to translate your brand message and deliver it to the target user. This is possible thanks to our collaboration with a dedicated and competent team of Chinese speakers.

Development of graphical designs in line with Chinese taste

Chinese aesthetic tastes are very different from Western tastes, and what is sleek for us may not necessarily be so for the Chinese consumer.

More so given that colors and numbers in China carry both positive and negative concepts and feelings that may affect the way your brand is perceived.

For this reason, before starting with your social media communication, it is a good idea to design a graphic that is eye-catching and consistent with local tastes.

Facebook and Instagram do not exist in China and are replaced by:

strategia su wechat per vendere in cina




Little Red Book


When it comes to exports, it is never ideal to literally translate content designed for one market, but this is even more true when it comes to the Chinese market.

It is necessary to reimagine the copy and the communication by aligning it with local thinking but without distorting your brand identity.

Find out the size of your target market, locate your prospects and structure an effective marketing plan for the Chinese market.



South Korea's economic landscape has undergone great changes in recent years and is competing with China and the United States in building a strong global digital presence.

In order to position your company in the Korean market, it is advisable:
  • Communicating in the Korean language 
  • Being ranked on Naver, their search engine and blogging platfor
  • Paying attention to effective and in-language customer care
  • Only use Kakao Ads if you are a brand already present and strong in the market
  • Have a presence on local marketplaces (e.g., 11Street, Coupang, Naver Smart Store)

Website optimization for Naver

To enter the Korean market, it is essential to have a website in the language, optimized for their most used search engine: Naver (with 1.72 billion total visits)

naver logo

Naver is the most used search engine in South Korea

SEM campaigns on Naver

We will open the Naver account and set up Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns in the Korean language, managing and optimizing them.

Naver Blog is a platform that allows your brand to have an official presence, where you can:

  • Publish articles, where you can discuss brand activities, latest news etc.

  • Add links to the South Korean version of the website to drive traffic.

  • Build brand awareness organically

  • Publish articles, where you can discuss brand activities, latest news etc.

  • Add links to the South Korean version of the website to drive traffic.

  • Build brand awareness organically

  • Optimize the SEO of your website: publishing on topics that are extensively researched will provide more visibility in search results

Naver Blog

Need to find out how many buyers and distributors are on target with your business goals in Korea?



Japan is the third largest market in the world after the United States and China, and due to its steady growth, it is a very attractive market for SMEs. 


Also working in favor of this market is the taste of Japanese consumers, who - no matter how price-conscious they are - are very interested in selecting brands considered to be of quality and reputable.


Because of this, in order to enter the Japanese market, it is advisable to plan a good digital marketing strategy that will lead consumers to become familiar with your business name.


Due to the high cost of connectivity and high age average, Japan is not as high-tech as people assume and even though the pandemic has accelerated digitization, it still remains an analog country.


The Japanese are very privacy-conscious, especially over the Internet, and social networks such as Twitter where you can " hide" behind a nickname are preferred by them, especially for interactions with brands. 

Points, coupons and discounts are very popular, even hospitals and the tax program have one!

What are the most used social networks in Japan?

LINE stands as the social networking and messaging App with the most monthly active users in Japan. It is followed by the American platforms Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

line social network

Creation of an editorial plan on Line, Facebook and Instagram Japan

  • We prepare the editorial plan of posts in the language and in line with the tastes of Japanese users

  • We create copy that transmits your brand identity to a Japanese audience

  • We study graphics that are appealing to local aesthetic standards

We manage and optimize retargeting campaigns on Japanese social media

  • We study the right target audience

  • We create graphics and copy that are effective for Japan

  • We study the right budget

  • We analyze and report

Request a free analysis to find out how many buyer in target with your company there are in Japan

Emirati Arabi


The Gulf countries (UAE and Saudi Arabia) are one of the most prosperous markets to focus on for the internationalization of your company, not surprisingly Italy is Europe's third largest trading partner.

Characterized by unstoppable growth, they offer numerous business opportunities, but they are also among the markets with the most pitfalls, which is why it is essential to get support from experts in the field.

When positioning your company in these markets, you have to keep in mind that it is a multicultural market, consisting of almost 90 percent expats from the Philippines, Africa, India, Pakistan, China, South America, Iran, Europe, and the USA. Therefore, business etiquette must take into account the different nationalities of the audience, and the support of a market expert is indispensable.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

What are the most used social networks in the Gulf countries?

The Gulf countries are the market with the highest use of social networks, in particular Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

Management of Instagram and/or Facebook profiles in Arabic/English

  • opening of accounts dedicated to the UAE market

  • creation of the editorial plan of 3-6 posts/week in Arabic and 

  • Community management

ADV campaigns on Facebook and Instagram for the Gulf Countries

  • We study the right target

  • We create graphics and copy that are effective for the Saudi and UAE market

  • We study the right budget

  • We conduct analysis and reporting

Looking for a free report of companies that are on target with your business goals in the UAE and Saudi Arabia?

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